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Multiple Teams · Player Profile: Austin Timm

(by Dominic Zanotti)

Standing 6 foot tall and weighing 220 pounds, Austin Timm is a senior who is involved in many sports at Bay City Central.  His favorite sport is football, where he anchors the offensive line at right guard and is a key pass rusher on defense. Timm not only excels on the field but also is respected by his peers, he was named one of the four captains of the football team.

Timm’s football career began in 5th grade where he enjoyed playing at recess, but before starting his first season of tackle football Timm suffered a brutal leg break and was sidelined for a year.  “It was tough not being able to play for a year, while all my friends did, but it all worked out in the end,” Timm reflected.

Fast forward 7 years Timm now averages 4-5 pancakes per game (a pancake is when an offensive player’s block is so devastating the defender is flattened, similar to a pancake) and leads the team.  Timm describes his relationship with fellow offensive linemen as “very close” and says they often jam out before games to groups like NWA, Dr. Dre, and Eminem.  Timm has aspirations to play football at the next level, and to continue his studies.

While Timm looks like a big, bad guy on the football field, he is a jokester at heart.  For instance, Timm ponders the idea of having spider man powers.  Saying, “Being able to shoot webs and climb buildings would be awesome.” Also, Timm’s pregame rituals include scarfing down a few PBJs.  “Not too much jelly,” TImm jokes.

Timm also enjoys attending school dances, but is currently dateless. So ladies if you are interested do not be afraid to hit him up.


Pictured: Senior, Austin Timm

Photo Credit: Ryan Hauger